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Bi-Weekly Updates Bi-Weekly Updates are SWGEmu's cornerstone updates, posted every two weeks.

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Old 07-30-2008, 12:05 AM
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Bi-Weekly Update 7/29

1) Update Overview: (TOC)
-7/14 Update Aftermath
-CSR/Admin System Implemented
-Creature/Npc Scripting System
-Creature/Spawn script changes
-Professions Research / Cave Implementation
-Mission Update
-Blue Frog changes
-Creature Harvesting
-Small Changes

2) Body:

7/14 Update Aftermath:
On 7/14, we updated the TC to revision 450 from 400. Revision 400 had been running quite stable for weeks. Wen we finally updated to 450, chaos ensued and everyone went to work fixing bugs within their own commits. Two weeks later everyone on the team is still hard at work fixing unforeseen complications introduced from that update.

In the future we will try to make sure the TC is as close to the latest SVN as possible, or simply update in smaller batches. The TC for the last few weeks has kept up with the latest SVN as fixes are being committed on a daily basis. Oru especially has been doing a great job in monitoring the TC and committing fixes for code he didn't write, spam him with thanks on IRC next time you see him on

We have also gotten an amazing response from the community that is continuing to "camp" the login screen and jump at any bit of online time. Theed had around 200 people the day we switched to revision 450, and the TC continues to sustain similar numbers on regular days. I really hope everyone understands the impact they have just by logging into the TC and trying new things - keep it coming!


CSR/Admin System Implemented:

Revision 452.

bobius has implemented a new GM command handler and admin levels. This new system offers a more organized support system for the TC by allowing us to divide admin into groups (CSR, Developer, QA, Event Coordinator). Adding new commands has also become extremely easy to do, as we have moved away from the gigantic if-statement's into neat and tidy functions for each command.
Open Source community: check out the new code in the GMCommandHandler class!

The GM command system received various improvements since its introduction in revision 452.


Creature/Npc Scripting System:

The past couple weeks Farmer_John, Kyle, and Kellina have been creating the new creature lua system that allows scout harvesting, XP, and opens up many other options for the rest of the professions/crafting.


Creature/Spawn script changes:

Revisions; 463, 468, 474.

Kellina has tweaked a TON of the creatures / spawns via script. Changes were generally along the lines of balancing and making creatures more "PreCU ish". The respawn time of creatures can now also be modified in script.


Professions Research / Cave Implementation:

These groups will never be dropping from the BiWeekly spotlight because, well, they are the tip of the sword when it comes to PreCU testing & balance for the project. PLEASE drop by their forums and see what you can do to help out. Both have easy to read pinned topics that outline what there is to do:

Cave Implementation
Profession Testing/Balance



Revision 488, 496.

cRush: One of the many rising stars within the SWGEmu open source community. cRush has been able to quickly pick up the Core3 code and add Doctor and Medic Professions (with buffs and stimpacks) in Revision 488 after having it reviewed by McMahon. Also more recently, cRush fixed bugs found in his initial commit as well as added EnhancePacks, Wound packs, and a handler for the /diagnose command.


Mission Update:

I (Ramsey) am still working on missions. Over the last two weeks I have been doing more work on the manager. The focus for the last two weeks were not what I had planned and outlined in the last biweekly, which set a few things off schedule. I was actually hoping to have missions done by this biweekly, but things don't always go the way you expect them to. I spent 1.5 work sessions on this nasty refresh bug that caused refreshing the mission list in terminals to be flawed. It was, of all the joys in the world, a section of the Mission object packet I had documented incorrectly. This lead to hours of pouring over NGE logs and thanks to Dilligents SWG Packet tool, my sanity was somewhat saved.

Tonight and throughout the next week I will be putting more time into developing a more interactive NPC class, which will be used in all missions (and hopefully expand to all npcs). With the mission commit these NPC's will be able to perform actions within the scope of missions, but later expand to more generic functions.



Revision 481.

TA and Oru have been working on handling the massive heightmaps. Classes to make heightmaps more manageable were added a few days ago. For those of you that don't know, heightmaps are the barrier for a lot of features in game. Structure placement and proper creature movement being the major features requiring heightmaps.

Heightmaps are not yet final, so keep an eye out on the Trac timeline for changes to the heightmap system.

Thanks TA and Oru!


Blue frog changes:

Revisions; 457, 488, 489,

Listed here are changes made to bluefrogs to make your testing experience easier:

-Bluefrog now takes advantage of the InGame interface feature, SuiListBox.
-Doctor/Medic, Image Designer added to professions.
-Enhance/Stimpack set added


Creature Harvesting:

Revisions; 500, 501,

It's about time scouts and Rangers got a little love. Log in, and get hide/bone and meat now.


Small Changes:

-Image Designer/Stat Migration modifications are now saved.
-Force power regens
-Fixed lair destruction
-Sitting on objects in cells (buildings) now works.
-Crafting tools added to all player inventories.
-Various resource crashes fixed
-Added a 5% tax to bank tips.
-Update commando skills


3) Developer Perspective: ("Round Table"):

I'll be moving on the 26th to DC and by that time I'm hoping missions will be on the TC and _stable_. I'm really looking forward to Oru's new C++-like scripting language. I'll end up spending time on that, and with any luck the mission scripts will be converted to the new language before the move. After the move, If there are any major features that need work during that time in order to do our first binary release, I'll have to put JTL in the back burner. If not, I plan on starting either on Ship / Space Zone managers.

Back to work~┌( ಠ_ಠ)┘

In the immediate days ahead, I am aiming at implementing Resuscitation packs, followed by all State Packs and the Fire Suppression blanket. To achieve this, I will be changing the way death is handled, adding in the option to choose to clone or standby in the hopes a Doctor can resuscitate you. This will also require the implementation of /consent. After wrapping up the doctor and medic skills Valkyra and I are planning on tackling Comba
I would like to say thanks to Serpentkaa for the phenomenal amount of time and effort she has put into documenting both Medic and Doctor, and to the community for the great feedback that has been reported so far. Also, thanks to McMahon who has helped me find my way when I get stuck.

Most of the recent patch work the last few weeks from me has been bug fixes. What you're not seeing is the work I've been doing on Vehicles/Deeds/Houses. I've inherited a bunch of old code from Kyle/Ritter and am currently resurrecting it. A week or so back I got a nice Medium Naboo House placed squarely in the middle of Theed - so expect some good things in housing coming down the pipe (Including Factories & Harvesters). I also got jetpack height working - so you can expect to get the big reward from the DWB someday http://img372.imageshack.us/my.php?i...rheightay3.jpg http://i35.tinypic.com/zv3g95.jpg

Been mostly busy the last few weeks with summer classes wrapping up, and finals starting. Thank goodness McMahon took over Structures, takes a bit of stress off my plate. I have been working to finalize features in the resource managers, and get everything related to resources working properly. At this point, resources should be > 90% done and all features in game. This is paving the way for more crafting updates, and the full implementation of the crafting system (Coming soon, keep your eyes on the updates)

I have been busy with real life over the last two weeks so have not got as much done as I would have liked.

Most of my attention has been working on the trainer spawning code so that trainers can be spawned inside buildings and made to face in the correct direction. This is being done to support the work the profession reps have been doing ensuring that all trainers are correctly placed.
4) Closing:

These past 2 weeks have been amazing in terms of the amount of progress we've made. A lot of new features are just on the brink of being started so hopefully the next update will be the best one yet! Remember to get on Test Center and help out with the testing! Every last player online counts and it has really helped us to stabilize the core. Thanks for reading!!

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Looks great guys.
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5th? And Sweet!
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whoot whoot
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Originally Posted by Megatron View Post

Awesome update!
I was hoping to kill that by not saying "First". Oh well... maybe next time...
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As always, wonderful job guys!
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Good stuff.
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Great job!
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Good work as usual guys

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Woot! Like clockwork.

So many people doing so much work lately. From the Devs, to the open source crew, to the client team, profession reps, testing community, and everyone else that chips in. Even the lowly civil servant csr's and mods Teamwork!
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awesome update.
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