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Developer Chat Logs Once a month, on the second Saturday, at 7PM EST, we will hold an open Developer discussion on IRC. The logs from these chats will be posted here.

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Old 02-14-2009, 08:27 PM
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DevChat Log - February 14th, 2009

<~cRush> Welcome, everyone, to tonight's Developer Open Chat.
<~cRush> If you have not already asked a question, you may do so by private messaging DevBot, prefixing your question with ~question.
<~cRush> We ask that no ETA questions are proposed, nor will we entertain questions about non-Pre-CU features.

<@DevBot> Zasha asks, "Is there an ETA as to when the Status tab selection on harvesters will be functioning correctly? as in will it update with the correct information"
<~cRush> We will try to push a bug fix out as soon as possible.

<@DevBot> lashiens asks, "Will there be any chance that the developers can add new features from live to the game (such as the new Appearance tabs, updated character textures, etc), or will that be inidivudlally server controlled content?"
<~cRush> We are programming SWGEmu's core in such a way that server administrators will be able to pick and choose between "disputable" options from the Pre-CU era. SWGEmu will ship in a Vanilla form, meaning that these options will be set in a way reflecting Pre-CU at patch 14.1.

<@DevBot> adema_04 asks, "Is it possible to add custom music to the songs that entertainers can play?"
<~cRush> That would require client side changes; these changes are beyond the scope of this project currently.

<@DevBot> Dame asks, "Can you update us a little bit on the progress of the Suncrusher website and how far along the pre-reqs for SC to launch are? Are we still looking at a Q1 Launch?"
<~cRush> We are still preparing the SunCrusher server, and the website is among the features undergoing careful planning and implementation.

<@DevBot> Mear asks, "What is the current situation in jump to lightspeed enchantments?"
<&kyle> JTL has a basic framework started, but is not a priority at the moment.
<&Ramsey> JTL hasn't been a focus since we are still trying to get the ground game (w/ professions) working. Research has been done, but not much more than that

<@DevBot> Vengance asks, "Hello! Will a Jedi System be implemented by each individual Live Server? Or will swgemu staff implement a system to test?"
<~cRush> When it comes time for Jedi testing, we will first implement the Hologrind system and test it extensively. After we are confident that the bugs are worked out, we will move on to implementing the Village system. In the end, server administrators will have the option of which system to enable.

<@DevBot> Austen asks, "What is the current status of the implementation on housing, factories, heavy harvestors, etc where you place a deed?"
<&kyle> Deeds are easily placeable, however, as you can see on TC Nova, a number of feature are buggy or not working. They are currently being worked on.

<@DevBot> obic asks, "Are there any plans for the GCW other than implementing what existed at CU?"
<~cRush> The plan is to implement both the GCW systems, with the TEF system configurable by server administrators

<@DevBot> Z asks, "In SWGEmu 1.0 will there be any kind of BH player bounty system? Seeing as how Jedi will not be implemented until later."
<&kyle> No.
<&kyle> 1.0 will only be vanilla
<&kyle> Yes there will be the standard BH system, but there will not be any "player bounties" like the NGE. Wasn't sure exactly what you meant.

<@DevBot> Vengance asks, "Is their going to be changes to the pre-cu GCW? As in Battlegrounds being re-implemented/fixed and so on."
<&kyle> Battlegrounds are an issue that will be address post 1.0, since in publish 14.1 they did not work correctly.
<~cRush> Battlegrounds is an issue that will be addressed post 1.0.

<@DevBot> Trisomy21 asks, "Can you guys tone down Dark Troopers to thier Pre-Cu HAM? Having them outside of many starports and shuttles causes a bit of grief."
<&kyle> Good question. Apparently we are spawning the corvette dark troopers, and should be spawning a different type. We should be able to fix that very easily.
<~cRush> We are currently going through an overwhelming amount of NPC scripts trying to tweak stats for all creatures. Any help on this project is welcomed, and does not require previous programming experience. Join #opendev if you would like to assist in this effort.

<@DevBot> ardin asks, "Currently players can be viewed inside of buildings from outside via the radar and overhead map. Is there an issue making players inside of buildings not viewable by those outside or was this just an oversight?"
<~cRush> The problem stems from a few issues with the relationship between players and cells. We are currently working to resolve these issues which should remedy the situation.
<~cRush> As was Vanilla 1.0, players will only be viewable inside of houses, by a player outside, if they have first been seen.
<&nincb123> On a side note, that was a good question.

<@DevBot> Regal asks, "Are the profession trainers in Theed bugged atm? Or are they just not working properly due to the xp testing process?"
<&nincb123> That is due to the XP problem. If you need a certain profession trained, look for the trader in Theed next to the guild terminals near the starport.

<@DevBot> Achuta asks, "refrased form how far are you into fixing pikemen or how much is still to do"
<~cRush> Tweaking the combat professions to their 14.1 form is an ongoing process. If you have information relating to a particular profession, you can relay this information via the support system.

<@DevBot> Wixa asks, "Where does the progress as far as missions and mission terminals stand? Will they be implemented into Nova anytime soon?"
<&Ramsey> Missions are functional as of right now, there are just no scripts available. I've been fairly busy w/ school over the last few weeks, however, missions will be re-enabled when I fix some of the deficiencies with saving. Early mission content will be centered around testing specific server features, then branch out to character progression content. Check the Community Service Updates this month, as there should be some missions appearing in te

<@DevBot> Kasea asks, "theoretically how many users will the suncrusher server be able to hand upon release?"
<&Ramsey> While we haven't performed any formal benchmarking, Core 3 (which powers Sun Crusher) has been extremely resilient during our regular tests and events WITHOUT the use of clustering. You should expect Core3 to scale extremely well even with modest hardware and perform like any industry grade software
<&Ramsey> Slightly unrelated note, SOE capped their servers @ 3000.

<@DevBot> Tovo asks, "When community servers begin to surface, will the SWGemu team include them in the Launchpad to bring them together ? Also will the SWGemu team be providing a framework that will help community servers be setup and managed as to keep them all on the same page and consistant ?"
<&kyle> Yes. There will be a community portal to list servers on the launchpad. As far as the second half of the question, servers will have access to the SVN and can keep current on their own if they would like to, or they can fork in whatever direction they want.
<&nincb123> Indeed. You can always checkout an older rev from the SVN.

<@DevBot> Vengance asks, "what is the most important thing to swgemu staff besides the completion of the project?"
<&kyle> finishing school
<&kyle> For me at least =p
<@PhantmLdr> Each staff member has different personal goals, but we're all united in our desire to finish the this project.

<@DevBot> Force_HO asks, "Do you anticipate any discussions about effective ways to address duping, hacking, & botting in the vanilla release (ie publishing economic stats etc.)?"
<&kyle> trWe have already had a number of discussions about this, and encourage people to dupe bot, farm, etc and report "How" to us so we can try and put appropriate safeguards in place. Reporting it to us is very important because we will ban you if you are jsut doing, and not reporting.
<&Ramsey> Publishing economy stats is something that would fall into the PCP development - I think it would be cool to track those kinds of stats like the real market

<@DevBot> adema_04 asks, "is there a specific feature/section of the game that we the playerbase/testers as a whole need to test/participate in more to help in the progress of the emu?"
<~cRush> With the variety of different features being introduced to the TC, we ask that players try to test as many different aspects of game play as possible; furthermore, players can work with the QA team to provide effective analysis of bugs and exploits.

<@DevBot> Eagle asks, "Will partial armor suits work like full armor suits as they did in the pre cu?"
<~cRush> This will be a configurable option by server administrators.

<@DevBot> mirageg3 asks, "Will there be a population server cap on SC?"
<&kyle> Yes. The way SWG is designed, you need a cap or everyone will be doing something, and every area will be camped 100% of the time
<&kyle> Live had a cap of 3000 online user, image trying to run DWB, acklay, etc with 6000 people online, you would never be able to do anything. That is why we need a strong group of community servers as well.

<@DevBot> mirageg3 asks, "what is the satus of medic crafting?"
<&kyle> Coming soon-ish.

<@DevBot> Tyndaleon asks, "Are you going to be implementing the old in-game /bug tool to make bug submissions quicker/easier at some point?"
<&kyle> Yes. This is currently in the works.
<+Ekaika> We appreciate all the Bug Report Tickets we're receiving! Please make sure your tickets are detailed, non-redundant, and concise. Thanks for all the support. You reports ARE read and the Devs do get the information. Thanks again!

<~cRush> This concludes tonight's Developer Open Chat. Thank you all who have submitted questions. Logs of tonight's chat will posted to the forums for your convenience. We thank you for your ongoing support of SWGEmu. Together we will fix what SomeOnE broke!
Once again, thanks for all your great questions. Please be ready with your questions next time, Saturday, March 14th, for another developer chat. See you then!
-SWGEmu Team-

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