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Bi-Weekly Updates Bi-Weekly Updates are SWGEmu's cornerstone updates, posted every two weeks.

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Old 11-15-2009, 10:45 PM
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Bi-Weekly Update for 11/15/09

Bi-Weekly Update for 15 November 2009

1) Contents
  • OR Update and Focusing on the Future of the Code
  • Event Coordination Calendar on Google
  • Chatting with the Developers
  • Clarifying Client Development versus Client Modification
  • It’s a Galactic War – more Jedi/BH changes
  • AFK Macro Grinding
  • Boxed! But not until Christmas.
  • Blue Frog Sightings
  • Travel Warnings
  • Notice on TC Fixes
  • Staff Changes
  • Quick Stats
  • Developer Round Table
  • Role Play Chapter

2) Body:

OR Update and Focusing on the Future of the Code

For those who are just joining the SWGemu community, the Object Revamp is the primary focus for our developers now. We will not be updating or fixing anymore professions at this time. All changes or balancing to professions and the crafting system are planned after the OR is completed. To ask any questions or find out the status of your profession’s development, please visit the profession forums.

Event Coordination Calendar on Google

An Event Coordination Calendar has been set up to make notification about events easier to see. This will be used to send out announcements about future events, devchats, stress testing, and other notable events.

You must join an email list to be notified of changes to this calendar. To be added to the SWGEmu Event Email List, please send a blank email with the subject "Add Me To The SWGEmu Events List" to swgemueventlist-add@swgemu.com.

Chatting with the Developers

Thank you to Bobius, cRush, Kyle, Anakis and Oru who took time out to answer questions on November 7th in an IRC DevChat. The major topic of this DevChat was the Object Revamp. The devs explained in more detail what exactly the OR is and how it will affect the community at large. A complete log of that DevChat can be found here for anyone who missed it. We had a lot of very good questions come in during the session. Thank you to everyone who submitted them.

Clarifying Client Development versus Client Modification

Questions arose out of the November 7th DevChat about exactly what was the purpose of the Client Development Team and modding the SOE client. To be clear, SWGEmu does not endorse client modifications nor allow client modifications to be distributed on any SWGEmu networks.

First, all objects and some functions/commands are based on the code in your client. The client is an executable file that accesses data files. What you see in game, such as the appearance of a bolma, exists in your client’s data files on your computer there at home. SOE used a different data file type in Pre-CU than it did for data files that contain CU and NGE information. We have unraveled the Pre-CU data file type so that we can read and access it but are still working to unravel the data file type for CU and NGE.

SWGEmu views modding the client as adding objects, code or functionality to the client in such a way as to change its purpose or give a player a distinct advantage over another. This means altering the files to remove content or send false information to the server. An example of a client mod is a speed hack. This includes:
  • Modifying Models that SOE has made
  • Fix bugs in the client
  • Increase resolution of the client
  • Allow atmospheric flight
  • Allow the client to work in 3 dimensions on the ground.
  • Changing or replacing the artwork or items already within the client with player customized artwork.
Developing the client is defined as researching the code to locate and utilize already existing objects, components and functionality in the existing data files to create new content. This means learning to read unknown data files types and accessing their content. For example, the Mustafar bunker is available in the data files as a CU file type. The Client Development Team researches how to unravel the code around it to make it accessible and usable by players in the future. This includes:
  • Add planets using unused maps and populated with unused models from the client.
  • Introduce unused player races contained in the client.
Custom content can be added without modifying any SOE created files. This content would have to be in the same format as the client’s data file code and be in separate data file so as not alter the original files. Some examples of what we can do:
  • Add new playable races
  • Add community create planets
  • Add community created sounds
  • Add community created models
The LaunchPadEnhanced is not the SOE client. It has become a bit confusing so we are going to change the skin in LPE version 2.0. To clarify, the LPE is simply a tool that has a few extra functionalities such as the skill calculator, IRC chat functions and the ability to correct some launch issues automatically. The LPE is highly recommended as it takes a great deal of the burden of setup troubleshooting off of staff. You can still run the SOE client directly from its resident folder.

It’s a Galactic War – more Jedi/BH changes

Changes to Jedi and Bounty Hunter abound.
  • Jedi: Two-handed light sabers now work.
  • BH: You can obtain working seeker droids from Spynet Operatives. Mastering is now possible.
  • Jedi: Group TEF now is in effect. Jedi are unable to enter buildings while TEF'ed.
  • BH: Master BH have the ability to expose a Jedi and set TEF on them without engaging the Jedi in battle.
  • Jedi: Force regen was lowered to be closer to what it should be.
  • Jedi: Saber block exploits and KD exploits have been patched.
  • Jedi: Added heal Battle Fatigue self skills
  • Jedi: Tweaked power again. Please report power bugs to Kellina
  • Jedi: Fixed Totalhealother/self.
  • Jedi: Fixed Two-Handed Lightsaber

AFK Macro Grinding

Many players have been asking for clarification to the rules about AFK Macro grinding. In a nutshell, a player must be ATK of all toons used in grinding at caves, high end spawns or mobs. Chaining combat toons (1 ATK with 1 or more set to follow with macros) is considered AFK camping. However, grinding one combat toon AFK on newbie spawns such as meatlumps is overlooked, if you are not too close to the city. Artisan sampling AFK and Entertainer AFK grinding is not considered punishable.

Note: If you leave your character AFK and vulnerable, you are still responsible for actions that happen to it. If your AFK combat grinding toon targets a TEFed individual and attacks, that individual can attack back.
(excerpts and update to the SWGEmu Test Center Rules and Policies)

1.8. It is illegal/unauthorized to use outside programs to "automate" your character. Use your in-game macros only. Any account that is caught using outside programs is liable to disciplinary action.

3.11. You will not perform AFK camping of a spawn, NPC or cave. Camping is defined as repeatedly hunting a lair, spawn or NPC in succession. TC allows a single account and multiple connections, therefore using multiple toon instances to create a chain of characters to effect and "out damage" other players is considered AFK camping. There is only one toon actually operated by a single player and all successive toons are considered AFK camping. All toons in such instances are subject to disciplinary actions. Obviously, this camping rule does not restrict all multiple game instances. For example, it is acceptable for two game instances to be operated by one player where one instance is an AFK crafter sampling ground resources and the other is a combat character that is being played At The Keyboard.

Boxed! But not until Christmas.

The speed hack detection program has boxed many players like holiday gifts waiting to be unwrapped. Kyle and TheAnswer have done quite a bit of tweaking to the algorithms and this has resulted in many players being unwrapped from their box.

For those players still occasionally running into the RubberBand in a Box issue, a solution can be found here. You must attempt a self-fix before you enter #swgemusupport. Do not send a tell to a GM out of the blue without first going through #swgemusupport.

Please be patient with this issue, this program is a work in progress. It should be an excellent tool to keep the game fair for everyone once it is perfected.

Blue Frog Sightings

The Blue Frogs made a brief escape from their enclosures and took off for the wilds of TC Nova. They have been dutifully hunted down and detained by the Galactic Security Force for distributing stolen goods. Anyone who obtained goods in the form of vehicle deeds is asked to turn those vehicles in to the nearest Galactic Representative (your closest GM). Anyone using such deeds is subject to detainment. Using vehicles on TC Nova is considered an exploit currently.

Travel Warnings

The Galactic Travel Agency has issued the following warnings and restrictions:
  • Restriction against spaceport travel to Kaadara. Land-based travel is the safest method of accessing this city. Taking the shuttle in leaves you stuck in the air sometimes.
  • Warnings against shuttle port travel to Deja Peak and Lake Retreat. Land-based travel is the safest method of accessing this city. Some players experience being stuck in the air, other players experience graphical glitches.
  • Warnings against general travel to Endor. Frequent instances of RubberBanding in a Box occur randomly across the face of Endor and higher instances in the DWB. Some players also experience crash to desktop with server restarts required to recover characters. Players who repeatedly ignore the warnings and require multiple recoveries will find themselves in the wilds of Lok.

Notice on TC Fixes

Until further notice, the only upcoming TC fixes will be dealing with the rubberbanding issues. All other fixes will be applied after the OR is released.

Staff Changes

  • Acau has reactivated as QA staff after a long absence due to RL. Welcome back!
  • Serpentkaa is temporarily stepping up to help Max with Public Relations. Max is taking a short hiatus for RL responsibilities. Please direct all PR correspondence to her email. Everyone shout out "Hurry back Max!"
  • Seaseme has reactivated as an Administrator and Developer after an absence due to RL. Welcome back Seaseme!
  • Webbwbb has chosen to step down as QA Manager due to RL responsibilities. He will continue on as a GM. Thank you for all your hard work in the QA department.
  • TAFirehawk will be stepping up as Head of QA Department. Congrats!

Quick Stats for 31 October 2009 to 15 November 2009

Developer Code Commits: 34

Average Web/Forum Daily Hits:
Total Web/Forum Hits:
Total Users who used the Website:
Current number of SWGEmu Accounts: 101,280

Average TC Daily Logins:
Total TC Logins:
Total Users who used the TC:

3) Developer Perspective ("Round Table")

Originally Posted by bobius View Post
Round Table:
I've finished with the building "stubs". We will be able to build on these stubs to give each type of building a specific function to simplify the logic in game. For example, instead of checking a player every time they enter a building to see if they're in a med center, the new building system will automatically know what type of building any player is in. The building itself can then handle certain actions. IE a med center building can have an event to automatically heal the wounds of every player inside of itself.

This will go a long way to simplifying code.

The first specific building I've started working on is the Tutorial building. This week TA and I have figured out all of the Tutorial specific packets. We now have the information we need to be able to track different things you do with the UI (such as opening the inventory or dragging an icon to the toolbar). We can also enable/disable certain UI elements with packets. Both of these things will allow us to implement a fully interactive tutorial.

I am currently planning an Event Director to allow us to script and trigger the events needed for this sort of interaction. This Event Director will not only be useful for the tutorial, but also it will allow us to make all of SWG more interactive and immersive.

It will take a while before the tutorial is complete. The tutorial tests almost all elements of the game, and these systems will all have to be converted to the OR codebase. Exciting things are happening.

Also, on a side note.... Who dat say dey gonna beat dem Saints?
Originally Posted by Seaseme View Post
Hey all!

After an extended absence from the project I have returned! I'm very excited to be back, and very proud of all of the developers and staff who have continued to kick ASS all summer. Way to go!

My first order of business is to start working on Loot. Not programming, but scripting and actually getting each NPC to be dropping what they should be dropping. This is going to take some serious time and tweaking, but it has to be done. Look forward to seeing some updates on this in the weeks to come. Anyone who wants to help is welcome to! Send me a private message and we'll get crunching!

That's all from me! I hope everyone has a great two weeks until we talk again!
Originally Posted by Audune View Post
Round Table:

IRC Etiquette (Part 2)

Hi all, I just want to thank alot of you for trying just a little bit harder to try to get the info about server ups and downs, especially with a string of Deadlocks that happened, it defiently had mellowed out a bit these last couple weeks. However...

A rather ugly thing has been occuring recently, and it has to deal with racism in the chat. We have firm rules against it on our network, and it still comes up. Enough is enough guys and gals. It stopped being funny back in the 60's. And now its just plain ignorant. And especially those of you who have been around for a while, you know better, and I'm tired of slapping your wrist.
4) Events

Howdy everyone!

We've had lots going on since our last biweekly! The best place to begin is probably our Way out Wednesdays. First of all, we had a wonderful social event in the Restuss theater, then another in the Mos Espa Cantina. After everyone decided the initial trivia questions asked in Restuss were too easy, we had a championship level contest in Espa, with Keaxav as the winner. Congratulations again! Next, all our wonderful artisans<span></span> descended on Tyrena for our first TC:Nova Crafter's Fair, which was a smashing success! We're planning on making the crafting faire a monthly event, with November's now in the planning stages. Our next fair will be held on the gorgeous Vreni Island beaches on Corellia - so keep your eyes open for the announcement.

Last week for Way out Wednesday, the Darklighter Estate was the scene for a massive, single-elimination PvP event. Approximately 40 players buffed up in Anchorhead, then travelled to the Estate to test their mettle. The fighting was fast and furious in the first 5 minutes. Almost half the field was eliminated. The remaining half rose above the carnage and stepped over the bodies of their fallen comrades to battle it out toe-to-toe. At the end it was a bitter duel that raged between four contestants to become reigning Galactic Battle Champion. Congrats to the winner!

* Reigning Galactic Battle Champ: Arbaxas
* Second Place: Jondo
* Third Place: Reken
* Honorable Mention: Mahonra

Thank you to Kreeoth and Morah for donating the winner’s prizes. After the fighting, the combatants returned to Anchorhead to continue the party for a while longer. Nothing better than a little bootyshaking to end a good fight!

Finally, we held our very first RP-based event in Mos Entha, Tatooine. We had a wonderful turnout, and many alliances were formed. Keep your eyes peeled for the next RP Announcement as well!

Thank you all so much for your continued support and attendance at our events We have some really fun stuff coming up in the next few weeks, and we can't wait to see you all ingame!

5) Closing

In commemoration...

Remember, Remember. The 15th of November.


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Much luv Serp

Retired Moderator after 5 Years of Service.
Old 11-15-2009, 11:04 PM
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I still remember the 15th of November 06 like it was yesterday. Here we are 3 years later..... well done! Grats gangs.... a dream, is now a reality.

Hey Smed, is that bet still going?
Old 11-15-2009, 11:08 PM
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Great update everyone .
Old 11-15-2009, 11:11 PM
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cool. ty for the bi weekly
Blazin - Dokta
Ronson - Karb King
Old 11-15-2009, 11:27 PM
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I remember when you guys first put out that video. You have no idea how great that video made me feel...it DID give me hope. Now all of that hope has turned into excitement and gratification, as all of the dev team's hard work these past few years is coming together wonderfully. No other game has ever been part of my life like this one...so in a word...thanks.
Old 11-15-2009, 11:49 PM
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Great work EMU Team.

I would love to see the look on Smedley's smug face after he sees how far this umm "hobby" has come in 3 years and beyond.

And I would especially relish just one chance, one moment, to lock that poodoo-punk Julio Torres in front of a computer once Suncrusher goes up, so he can remember what the TRUE SWG really is.

/luck EMU team and /support EMU project
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Originally Posted by ShadowViper View Post
I still remember the 15th of November 06 like it was yesterday. Here we are 3 years later..... well done! Grats gangs.... a dream, is now a reality.

Hey Smed, is that bet still going?
4 years actually. Hard to believe.
Old 11-16-2009, 01:36 AM
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Hahaha Would be amazing to rub this in their faces.

Psh, "A hobby for really smart people." Yes. Smart People indeed.

Thanks a lot for the few years guys! XD
Old 11-16-2009, 01:40 AM
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Its was Nov. of 2005 actually.. and yes i can not wait to really relive the does of March of 2005... Those were the days of our lives...... You guys really do bring hope to all of us.. KEEP IT UP
Old 11-16-2009, 01:51 AM
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Rebels Imperials, Swordsmen and pistoleers, Smugglers and Pirates, Bounty hunters and what is left of the Jedi order.

Our spirit was broken, our hope was gone. But now thanks to these developers we are free to walk our beloved worlds once again! We are free to become who we wish to be and make our mark on a galaxy of thousands just like us.

Rise up, and bring the force back into balance.

...And then have a margarita.

PS. They were right about one thing. The Developers are VERY smart. And they are our best friends.
Old 11-16-2009, 02:29 AM
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Old 11-16-2009, 02:46 AM
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awesome so defender 0044 and bh mission payouts arepushed 1 rung close to the tip to be fixed
Old 11-16-2009, 02:58 AM
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Amazing! Thanks for the update!
Old 11-16-2009, 04:45 AM
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I remember when you guys first put out that video too. I didn't trust my eyes what I saw on the screen.
And now its almost done and you have brought back the best mmo time I had in my live.

Thanks so much for your incredible work

May the force be with you - ever!

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