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Bi-Weekly Updates Bi-Weekly Updates are SWGEmu's cornerstone updates, posted every two weeks.

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Old 03-05-2009, 02:09 AM
Ooglarp Ooglarp is offline
Join Date: Jan 2007
Posts: 12
First of all, great update!

Second, I too am not receiving the confirmation email from the bug site. Registered on my hotmail account (if that matters).
Old 03-05-2009, 02:11 AM
nostyleguy nostyleguy is offline
Join Date: Jan 2007
Location: Michigan
Posts: 1,029
awesome job guys
Old 03-05-2009, 02:13 AM
BankyEdwards BankyEdwards is offline
Join Date: Dec 2006
Location: Chicago
Posts: 306
Originally Posted by Ooglarp View Post
First of all, great update!

Second, I too am not receiving the confirmation email from the bug site. Registered on my hotmail account (if that matters).
I see I am not the only one.

Note I just got the mail. It came about 20 min later.

Last edited by BankyEdwards; 03-05-2009 at 02:20 AM.
Old 03-05-2009, 02:16 AM
Horge Horge is offline
Join Date: Dec 2006
Posts: 125

Join the Revolution
Old 03-05-2009, 02:26 AM
Valmin Valmin is offline
Join Date: Oct 2008
Location: Florida
Posts: 451
Astonishing. This is just wonderful and well worth the wait!!!

Only question I have is Talus going to available soon? :-P

If any dev is around Pensacola or Sarasota ill buy em a beer because this is a dream come true
Valmin Brinx <TFO>
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Old 03-05-2009, 02:29 AM
fixit6 fixit6 is offline
Join Date: Jun 2007
Posts: 1,236
Great update.

Only one question: with impending DB wipe will rare resources needed for WS be available for testing, or will we have to start from scratch.

Last edited by fixit6; 03-05-2009 at 04:38 AM.
Old 03-05-2009, 02:30 AM
CapnSwifty CapnSwifty is offline
Join Date: Jan 2009
Location: Outer Rim of Tucson
Posts: 149
The new bug tool rocks
Outstanding Job

On a side note.
You guys that arent getting the email might need to check your junk mail settings. I was able to register using a Hotmail account.
Old 03-05-2009, 02:35 AM
roccus roccus is offline
Join Date: Jun 2008
Location: AZ
Posts: 34
This is an awesome update. Thank you guys for everything.
Old 03-05-2009, 02:41 AM
Wehhhookiee Wehhhookiee is offline
Join Date: Jan 2008
Location: Illinois, antes fosse Brasil
Posts: 128
Amazing job!
Old 03-05-2009, 03:04 AM
RegularJohn RegularJohn is offline
Join Date: Dec 2006
Location: Sweden
Posts: 213
Great update, thanks! Phase testing sounds really exciting

Thanks Arsonist for the sig!
Old 03-05-2009, 03:23 AM
sonofdex sonofdex is offline
Join Date: Jul 2007
Location: Wisconsin
Posts: 117
Good update, and even better news than usual. I love the direction the project is going in, and I hope you guys keep up the good work.
Old 03-05-2009, 04:14 AM
Vlock Vlock is offline
Join Date: Nov 2007
Location: El Paso, TX
Posts: 1,376
good deal guys. Im very excited to see the new system come into place. As well the tasks list is just pure win, since now the testers will have purpose, guidance, and direction.

this is pretty epic.
Old 03-05-2009, 04:23 AM
Abe Abe is offline
Join Date: Dec 2006
Posts: 88
Looking great.
Sorry for the misleading title when creating the SC Launch Date thread tho, I know it wasn't official, since in that case, you guys would have done that by yourself, but the only way to get people's attention is by creating catchy titles (yellow journalism).
Old 03-05-2009, 04:25 AM
Ashur Ashur is offline
Join Date: Dec 2006
Location: Norway Larvik
Posts: 2,600
awesome update as usual <3
Vengeance is STORM
Old 03-05-2009, 04:55 AM
TsM TsM is offline
Join Date: Feb 2009
Location: Romania
Posts: 2
Wicked! Awaiting task instructions!
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