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What Is SWGEmu?
SWGEmu is a project aimed at emulating the official Star Wars Galaxies Pre-Combat Upgrade servers, commonly referred to as Pre-CU. The Pre-CU era was from June 2003 at the game's launch to April 27, 2005 when the Combat Upgrade was implemented. SWGEmu has been in development since December 2004. Since late 2005, the SWGEmu Team has researched and documented the protocol used between the SWG client and the Live Server. By doing this we were able to build our own server daemon from the ground up. The SWGEmu allows those that miss the old SWG Pre-CU game the most, to enjoy the experience with other veterans once again. It also gives those who never had the chance to play Pre-CU to come and find out what all the excitement is about. Every single line of code in our software has been written by the development team, on their own free time, with absolutely no corporate funding.

What is the status of the project?
You can check the general status of the project by checking this thread http://swgemu.com/forums/showthread.php?t=3498 and the current bi-weekly updates found on this forum http://swgemu.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=3. If you are generally familiar with Changesets, you can see what new pieces of code are currently under construction and testing on the SVN servers on this website http://trac2.assembla.com/swgemu/timeline. Once this code has been approved, it will be loaded up to the Test Center. Jedi, Space and all space related professions will not be implemented until after 1.0 release .

Will I have to pay?
No. You will never be forced to pay to play any of the servers. However, we do accept donations, which are greatly appreciated. These donations help to keep the servers running. Note that this does not mean that you won't have to pay for the Star Wars Galaxies client. You must own a set of the original game disks. You can not use a trial client. SWGEmu does not support piracy and anyone found to be using/assisting others in using an unsupported client will be banned from all services provided by SWGEmu.

How can I donate?
You can use paypal to donate. The quick donation link is located at the top of this page.

How will donations be used?
Donations will be used to fund the dedicated test server, the IRC server, and this website and forums.

How much does it cost to keep the server alive?
All costs of this project are covered by donations. There is zero corporate funding to assist the SWGEmu staff. The SWGEmu staff rent servers out of Chicago. The cost for a single server is approximately $250 per month. The developers have implemented clustering to improve the performance of the game. This requires between 3 and 7 servers to run each "galaxy" game. This means $250 * X = cost per month to keep Test Center up and running. X being the number of servers required (3-7). As the TC population increases, the number of servers required to handle the population will increase.

Account Activation and Test Center Access
There is a grace period between your forum activation and when you may log on to Test Center using your forum name and password.
This grace period is anywhere from 1 hour to 24 hours depending on the database purge and update. It can be as long as 48 hours if there have been stability issues. Please feel free to use this grace period to read the rest of the FAQ.
You can check the general status of the project by checking this thread for the general status of SWGEmu Project http://swgemu.com/forums/showthread.php?t=3498, the current bi-weekly updates found on this forum http://swgemu.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=3, and News Annoucements on this site.

Will SWGEmu host a server?
Right now, SWGEmu already hosts a Test Server, named Nova.
However, in the near future we will be hosting another server, named SunCrusher.
Please see this thread for more information!.

What's the difference between Core3, Nova, and SunCrusher?
Core3 is the working name for the open-source server code. It is the codebase that the SWGEmu developers are constantly working on, and is avaialable for anyone to review, download, and compile.

TC:Nova is the new name of the SWGEmu Test Center Physical Server. Nova works off of Core3. Nove is a testing environment, on which many up and down times, crashes, and tests occur. Players will also notice features such as @ commands (@spice) and Gungan/Jawa Traders, to increase the effectiveness of testing.

TC:Suncrusher will be the 1.0 Release playable "Live" SWGEmu Physical Server. We hope to see it launch sometime near the end of 2009 Q1. Nova also will works off of Core3. Suncrusher will NOT have any player @ commands, Traders, or shortcuts. It will be for all intents and purposes, the game as it should be.

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