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Seaseme 01-13-2008 09:58 PM

Biweekly Wrap Up/Update 1/13
Hey everyone, I know it's been a seriously long time since the last update, but i think this is worth it.

Anyhow, the big news of the day is that TA got cell movement working on Tatooine, so now you can see other players/yourself inside buildings, instead of waiting at the doorstep. To celebrate this joyous occasion we decided to have a dance party in the bestine cantina. Here's a video. Thanks to everyone who came, it was pretty fun.

Thanks for filming that!

Also, Kyle has done more work on structures and implemented factories.


Today Voltrox commited a bunch of new stuff that will be on test center shortly, here's the list


[added] Working armor resists
[changed] moved loot to a separate container "lootContainer"
[changed] loot is generated when the creature is looted and not upon death
[changed/added] ham costs for weapons
[changed] wounds cap at base HAM -1 instead of max HAM

Ritter has been working on optimizing the resource spawning so it will take less time. PanchJr has made bazaars/vendors basic functionality and is working on introducing basic Bazaar/vendor search features that came with the publish 14 client.

Important Notice:
Anyone who upgraded to publish 14 or installed the client between 1/10 and 1/13 using the SWGEmu Installer, please run the upgrade process again. There was a critical mistake made with the configuration files that caused a client crash.

webbwbb 01-13-2008 10:04 PM

Nice update

Zathus 01-13-2008 10:04 PM


1 01-13-2008 10:08 PM

aawwwwwwwwwesome :)

Pake 01-13-2008 10:11 PM

Sweet, I can't beleave that I missed the party though, lol

CaloNord 01-13-2008 10:14 PM


Deharak 01-13-2008 10:16 PM

The party was pretty fun. Even though Seaseme wouldn't marry me.:(

Kateb Ibliss 01-13-2008 10:19 PM

Great Work guys!

AODTyrant001 01-13-2008 10:20 PM

Nice Gg

Funkie 01-13-2008 10:38 PM

sweet!! great work!!

foreverzero 01-13-2008 10:43 PM

Pretty crazy how fast this is going

shmlaurence 01-13-2008 10:53 PM


Andewa 01-13-2008 11:09 PM

Wowza. Big day, CELL MOVEMENT!

MrBlonde 01-13-2008 11:52 PM

Great work. :)

Blademaster56 01-13-2008 11:54 PM

F an A awesome. I love that armor will actually be working soon! :)

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