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Timbab 05-11-2010 02:44 PM


Originally Posted by headshark (Post 586003)
if you read properly it says or is in testing but to run a game like this befor test or and then making it live for us to play you need the server to run better which we are still helping buy donating... They will upload the server and or when all is ready as they have built the game up from a few bits of code to a hole game, so they still need to fix bugs glitch's or other stuff they have not yet added but testing befor upload just be carm and wait keep testing the server to see it become the game we once all loved and played they will put all that is need or once on the game as and when they code it but just to code the bikes in to the game script and to make it run on every planet every user and so on is meany meany pages of coding it takes time....

I hope this helps and i hope you carry on enjoying the great offer this guys have given us i mean they dont have to do this which would then put a dead end on this game as they are the only ones working on it all the others are just using the codes these guys made so dont rush them and it will happen soon...

If you feel you can help code design or any thing else contact them see if they need or wont you...

Any further q's please ask or ask the mod's or on irc the more you bug the admins the slower they go as we are more important than the game to the are happiens is what makes them keep going.

Written by minishark / minimayheam
back for one reasion the old days
the fun the joy the respect.


Edit: Lol it removed the capitalization from ever word if you quote, but god, it's just as hard to read.

kaelvin 05-11-2010 02:46 PM


Originally Posted by Ahmad16 (Post 595194)
Suck up more bro.

wow, really? i mean really? Save the fact that you are insulting just one fellow tester, i am going to point out the obvious, if it were not for people like Vlada, you would not be on a swgemu forum, let me repeat myself in another context, the community donates money to play this game= you make fun of the community and still play the game, but why? ignorance is my best guess.

Spudhussey 05-15-2010 04:44 AM

Anonymity works wonders for the bravery of morons who think they're in some small way interesting.

NovaRift 05-18-2010 11:51 AM


Originally Posted by Spudhussey (Post 610416)
Anonymity works wonders for the bravery of morons who think they're in some small way interesting.

^^^ This, and yes Vlada, your assistance to the forums and site have been worth more than some of the donations have been (not all of them just some of them) so you have been of greater importance than those :D

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