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odwill 05-18-2010 11:52 AM

Introducing the SWGEmu Apprenticeship Program.
Greetings SWGEmu Community!

Over the past 10 months, the "Support Helper Program" has allowed us to provide better support coverage to our community. Many of our community members have donated free time to aid their peers with SWGEmu related support issues. We would like to thank everyone who has participated in the program up until this point.

Today, we would like to announce the evolution of the helper program into the "SWGEmu Apprenticeship Program"! This program is designed to assist SWGEmu Management in determining new talent for future SWGEmu Staff positions, and will allow members of our fantastic community the opportunity to become official SWGEmu Support Staff members.

The following are a list of primary requirements to be eligible for all programs:
  • Professionalism
  • Great work ethic
  • Good attitude
  • Ability to work and learn in a team environment
  • Sufficient free time
  • Knowledge of computers and of the SWGEmu project are helpful but not required.

Program Details

Support Roles (Support Staff, Game Masters, Moderators)
  1. Apply for a Support Helper position by completing an application (see below).
  2. Work along side SWGEmu Support Staff in #Swgemusupport on IRC helping to provide technical support to the SWGEmu Community.
  3. As determined by the Support Manager; Volunteers wishing to join SWGEmu Staff will be eligible for an evaluation by Management and placement into an available SWGEmu Apprenticeship position.
  4. Once selected for Apprenticeship, the Volunteer will be mentored by a member of SWGEmu Staff for a period of 30-60 days or until a Staff position becomes available.
  5. After the Apprenticeship period has ended, an evaluation will be completed by SWGEmu Management to determine if the Volunteer has met all Duties and Expectations of the desired role.
  6. Once final approval is made by SWGEmu Management, the Volunteer is made an official SWGEmu Support Staff member.

We are very excited to be offering this program to our community. It is our hope that it will bring forward community members that want to help SWGEmu succeed and provide our SWGEmu community the best support possible.

odwill 06-25-2010 11:12 PM

SWGEmu Support Helper/Apprentice Application
Please complete the application below. Email it to apps@swgemu.com with 'Support Helper/Apprentice Application' as the title and attach the application. If you are selected to participate we will contact you by email informing you of such and provide information about the next step in the process.

What is your SWGEmu forum account name?

What is your in game character name?

What is your IRC nickname?

What is your age?

What is your profession in real life? If you are a student, what are you studying?

What time zone do you live in? What time/days of the week will you usually be available to spend time woking on SWGEmu?

Do you know any current or former staff members? If so, how?

How long have you been following this project?

Why do you want to become a member of the SWGEmu Team?

What skills do you bring to the table if you are selected for this program?

Finally, Please write a short paragraph detailing what Pre-CU SWG means to you.

Kellina 09-08-2010 08:47 PM

Just a FYI to all, we are still looking for more helpers that are interested.

Please fill out your app and send it in.

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