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Chanson1 12-02-2007 08:47 PM

Woopie! Let's hammer down and crank this bad boy out!

shastadude15 12-02-2007 08:56 PM


zetlaux 12-02-2007 08:58 PM

Very nice to hear! Thanks for the update!

Bloodfin182 12-02-2007 09:01 PM

Sounds good!!

Gulkia 12-02-2007 09:04 PM


Instigator11283 12-02-2007 09:12 PM

Very good news to hear! I will be sure to be on the TS testing out all the new builds and such.

Emerzon 12-02-2007 09:17 PM


Originally Posted by Seaseme (Post 129740)
Dig in. Thanks everyone for your patience.

You heard the man..dig in!

Fedaykin 12-02-2007 09:22 PM

Remember to dig it people :o

samruggieri 12-02-2007 09:24 PM

Gentlemen, I am truly impressed with and pleased by your decision. I applaud your actions, and it shows your dedication to the completion of this project.

Two thumbs way up.

Enflorence 12-02-2007 10:00 PM

Very Nice

Vastor 12-02-2007 10:01 PM

Yo i dug that ****. time for me to get my hands dirty with some pre-cu code!

Applecorc 12-02-2007 10:24 PM

/cheer Going to start working tonight ;)

daxxvacine 12-02-2007 11:14 PM

Happy am I!

Good job guys!

Ekaika 12-02-2007 11:23 PM

Cheers and here's to hoping everyone keeps a level head and egos in check.

MrBlonde 12-02-2007 11:34 PM

Awesome stuff

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