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Seaseme 04-04-2007 05:31 PM

SWGemu Q&A 4/4/07
This is NOT the weekly update.
This is a Q/A session like we promised, its separate from weekly updates.

Q) How the spawns coming, will be they be static? or completely new spawns
A) There are both :)-- There's been a group of guys patrolling the NGE logging every static NPC they see. We have 2500 + of them, and a few others have finished with the creature database, and NPCs are on the verge of being finished. I will finish it this week now that I have some time.

Q) What will we not be able to customize using LUA?
A) we plan to make nearly everything customizable, will see what we gonna have time for in the end.

Q) What % would you say JTL is complete?
A) 90%

Q) Will there be more animation testing in the next round of testing?
A) Yes but it wont be the main focus.

Q) How much money do you guys need to keep the server alive?
A) $299 for a single server. $299 * x for clustering. X being the number of servers (3-7).

Q) Do you feel like you will be able to add in professions soon?
A) Its a bit further on the to do list, but in the near future yes.

Q) How is experience implemented? with mobs?
A) Its there. We just wont award xp for mobs on the upcomming TC until Professions are in.

Q) You said resources were in the ground.. what percent of crafting is done along with that?
A) Most of the protocol behind crafting is done. Just the data related items are still in infancy.

Q) is it possible too add your own custom items too the database?
A) Yes.

Q) What are some ways that we, the community, can assist the development/database team other than testing?
A) The public wiki is still in development. Watch for it ;)

Q) What would you say is the next order of "testing" for the TestCenter, anything particular that we should be "preparing" for?
A) Stress testing with npcs mostly.

Q) What are some ways that we, the community, can assist the development/database team other than testing?

A) Good question. We've been working on putting up an swgemu wiki (http://www.swgemu.com/wiki) that will allow you to post all pre-cu information you can to help speed up the process. It's not complete yet, or ready for a ton of entries. It should be ready within a few days though. The other thing that we are REALLY in need of is base item stats. With out actual pre-cu information on items, we will have to guess. Which means things won't be exactly right. These are all things that the wiki will be used for.

Q) When do you guys think you will add groups to the TC?
A) Its on the top 10 SWG related features to do for Core3.

Q) To go along with Erec's question, how about NPCS?
A) They will be in the next TC. Watch for it ;)

Q) Idk if this is out there already, but are all planets finished, and how is shuttles and starships comming along?
A) Do you mean spawns? Theres a good amount done. I think 6-7000+.

Q) How much more do you have to do on combat before the fine tuning is started like equations and so fourth?
A) Equasions are more fine tuned things. They will be in scripts most likely, but they still need to be collected.

Q) Is there any word on placing structures?
A) Research was done and completed last month by Ultyma.

Q) Do you need things like specific weapon information or is the database team already covering that thoroughly?
A) That will be on the coming wiki.

Q) New Content?
A) New models and skins? Not supported. New missions, quests, npcs etc yes.

Q) Can we expect some fun "events" to go along with the tests on TestCenter?
A) Thats the new direction our TC will be taking. Themed events for each stres test.

Q) How the spawns coming, will be they be static? or completely new spawns
A) Spawns for npcs, new or old, may be defined by the server admin. The DB team will strive to compelte the spawn db with official coordinates.

Q) are groups going to be in a upcoming patch? Will travel?
A) Groups are on the top 10 SWG related features on the to do list for myself. Travel is also on top 10

Q) What is on the top 10 list?
A) This top 10 list should ideally be completed in no more than 1.5 weeks, though it could take longer due to life. These are SWG related functions and do NOT include internal improvements to the server such as clustering & stability fixes.

Gulkia 04-04-2007 05:32 PM


Vastor 04-04-2007 05:33 PM

This was an awesome idea.

XBitX 04-04-2007 05:33 PM

Absolutely can NOT wait!

The testcenter is going to be busy soon WOOH!

DavinFelth 04-04-2007 05:33 PM


Spartan06 04-04-2007 05:39 PM

Very informative to say the least. Thank you for the time spent on the update. I particularly enjoyed the top ten list, was hoping for something like that :)

EVILJUDE 04-04-2007 05:39 PM

good news. thanks to sesame for doing this and to whom ever answerd for giving the answers.

Ahmed 04-04-2007 05:42 PM

7th omg

I did it for Allah!

ThEgg 04-04-2007 05:43 PM

W00t, awesome news. There has been a lot I didn't know was finished or near finished. Although many things said in this q/a are planned for the "near" future, I'm not gonna hype myself up, just help out with TC testing, as I know very little about Pre-Cu stats.

Akelei 04-04-2007 05:44 PM

Some great information in there, thanks!

mystictigger 04-04-2007 05:45 PM


Originally Posted by Seaseme_eXiled (Post 47453)
Q) What % would you say JTL is complete?
A) 90%

That is very surprising. :D

koji-epvp 04-04-2007 05:46 PM

Ron Simmons Says ..... DAMN !!

Iasakai 04-04-2007 05:47 PM

Very nice post, thanks for keeping us informed :)

armagedda 04-04-2007 05:49 PM

haha yeah i kind of posted this as well, and put the answers in red in the discussion, what a waste

pooga 04-04-2007 05:49 PM

Alright Nice Job Devs, This is EXACTLY What the community wanted, an update on how things are going. Nice Job giving it to us.

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