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Max 03-07-2009 09:17 PM

[POLICY] IRC Network Rules
IRC Network Rules
Communications Department

The SWGEmu Team and Moderators will enforce the following rules on the official SWGEmu chat rooms. The official SWGEmu chat rooms are #swgemu, #test, #status and #swgemusupport. Any conversations that violate the rules or the moderators feel are out of hand may be terminated.

Note: These rules will not be enforced in other non-official rooms. Individual moderators in other rooms will be responsible for the rules that govern that room.

1. DO NOT ASK IF THE SERVER IS UP OR DOWN. The status of the server is in the Message of the Day that you see when you log into the chat room.

2. Read the FAQ and search the Knowledge Base before posting a question. Many questions are already answered in the Knowledge Base.

3. No legal discussions about SWGEmu. It's legal. That's all there is to say.

4. Minimal to nil profanity. Keep it to PG-13 rating. Do not try to "get around" the Enforcer to insert profanity or break rules.

5. No porn

6. No spam or advertisements

7. No racial, ethnic or other types of slurs

8. No sex discussions. This includes sexual harassment in PMs

9. Do not discuss illicit or illegal substances.

10. Religious or political discussions are not allowed.

11. Please use only English to communicate. It is okay to use other languages in private messages, but not on the public IRC.

12. Respect the SWGEmu staff's authority. Just because someone is not an op of the channel in question does not exclude them from conscience.

13. Respect each other. It's okay to argue, but try to settle flame wars in private messages. Flaming, baiting and trolling will not be tolerated. Use /ignore for anyone that is bothering you. You can also right click someone's name and select control and select ignore to ignore that person.

14. No idling in #swgemusupport. Ask your question and the please leave promptly once your issue has been resolved.

15. Do not auto-connect to #swgemusupport. This creates spam and interferes with help there.

16. Do not ban evade. If you have been banned for a set period of time, do not attempt to evade it by using alternative nicks, changing IPs or locations. This includes bans set by Enforcer.

17. Do not flood. Flooding is defined as an unneccessary number of lines used to convey a message. Use commas, or full stops, not just the enter key. Also included in this is repeating a message repeatedly. You don't need say anything more than twice.

Note: Other rules which are laid out in the SWGEmu Website Terms of Use also apply.

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