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Originally Posted by sharp_one View Post
I'm interested in how you are determining the use of multiple accounts. If it is via IP, then there are 3 people in my house that play Emu, usually on different computers (for obvious reasons.)

It would be much easier if people understood they don't need multiple accounts for multiple characters, then you guys wouldn't need to keep removing duplicates. Unfortunately that seems to be the main issue of free accounts, it doesn't cost money to make a new account like it would with SOE.
I have a wireless router and 5 computers in my house that are connected to it. Three are directly plugged in and 2 are laptops that connect wireless. I also have 3 people in the house that play SWG and 3 who do not. If I'm in my bedroom playing and it gets late and my wife wants to sleep, are you saying that I cannot log off and switch to the computer in my office which may have been used to create my son's account?