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Originally Posted by fettman View Post
lmao gota admire and laugh at the irony. spent all tha time on this update and it got buggered at the last minute. the sad part is every hour they spend on this is one less they spend on the OR Thus delaying it even longer.
And your point is? When this patch actually start working we can do some REAL testing and not just fool around which we did before. This is something that has to be done, its not like they gonna add all this and then change it all again. The grinding must be tested also. OR is less important for us players this patch is more important, now we can actualy play through all professions and try them out and see whats not working.
Just cause you wana play a game with no professions in it and just have the OR done and nothing else is your problem but the rest of us actually want a game to come with it also and not just the OR itself....
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