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TC:Nova Maintenance 07/10/10

Hi Everyone,

Contrary to rumour, TC:Nova has NOT been wiped. Earlier today we pushed the OR onto Nova temporarily in order to test out some engine issues. We will be restoring TC:Nova to the state it was in this morning in a few hours.

The only permanent changes were made on 07/06/2010 with the following patch:
The following changes have been made to Nova: Test Center as of July 6th, 2010.

[Combat] Stun state now has a 10% damage reduction
[Combat] Intimidate state now has a 33% damage reduction
[Combat] All combat damage multipliers have been reduced to match with the Stun/Intimidate changes.
[Jedi] Total Heal Self and Total Heal Other are implemented, uses 600 Force.
[Jedi] Heal States Other has been fixed and implemented.
Downtime is to be expected throughout the day. Please watch IRC for more up to date status information.

Thanks for your patience and understanding. Discussion can be held in Was TC:NOVA Wiped?
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