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Originally Posted by Repairit View Post
A fix that I've been using is this:

Step 1)

Create a macro to loop /stand.

Macro name Stand
/pause 1;
/macro stand;

Step 2: Head to your nearest Starport. And then travel to a shuttle inside the city and then back to the Starport.

(Ex: If you're in Coronet, activate your stand macro and buy a ticket to Shuttle A and then fly back from Shuttle A to the Starport.)

Note: I've been rubberbanded 4 times now, and this has worked everytime for me. Hope it works for others as well.


You, sir, are a genius. I was getting so frustrated because I kept getting this bug, often on all my toons at the same time, so I couldn't even kill myself. This fix works perfectly. It's not even frustrating when I get boxed, anymore.

All the kudos in the galaxy to you!