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[LPE] Launchpad Downtime 1/23/10

The issues with the LPE host have been corrected but may take some time to be fully storted out. We expect all problems to be resolved by 8pm EST, 1/24/10.

LaunchpadEnhanced is currently experiencing some problems as of the morning of 1/23/10. This will cause the launcher to not only fail to launch the game, but also to possibly corrupt or delete important game files.

We encourage all players who see this before loading up the launcher to try and run the game directly from the swgemu.exe file (default location: C:\SWGEmu). If the launchpad has inadvertently deleted this file then you will need to wait for the LPE issues to be corrected, at which time it will be able to redownload that file.

If you find yourself with missing or corrupted files you can attempt a manual installation to install or correct the problems. Additional needed files can be found here, including the SWGEmu executable file. Please understand, however, that our support staff can provide very limited support for a manual install or fix, so you do so at your own risk.

Sit tight and we'll try and get these issues corrected as soon as possible!
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