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Originally Posted by jedmindtriks View Post
<kyle> Because the armor color change feature was not a feature of pre-cu. It was intended to fix a blunder of SOE and then to be removed 2 weeks later, but they never removed it.
<kyle> reference to above
<kyle> sorry ->

it was in pre-cu, it should be in swgemu...

why is this still being debated? everyone knows it was IN pre-cu, feature or no feature. if soe didnt remove it, and it stayed in the game during pub 14.1 and everyone knows this, then what is the problem of us having it?

everyone on TC is asking for this. and if this is a gamechanging feature, then fine, but it isnt,its just colors.

note from the patch notes 08 january 04.

ĽArmor: Added an option to Composite armor pieces such that players can select the color of their armor. This works around a problem we introduced before the holidays where we inadvertently re-colored all pieces of composite armor. This option will exist only for the next 2 weeks.

so they added it in, but never removed it.

Just like the mini-suits. They were never supposed to be in game, but they were. Are we going to get rid of mini-suits too? Full group payout to a single player running solo missions in a group wasnt supposed to be in game either, but it was - are we going to take that out too?