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Can't wait for the harvester revamp, been messing around with harvesters the past week or so and right now they seem totally random. Thats why theres a mountain of bugs logged against them.

Like the power, i had a harvester this morning with 70 power, put in 250 and the end result was 20 power. Hopefully this revamp knocks harvesters out of the park, it's clear they work but with these issues its like they are more broken than they really are.

Also looking forward to the planet wide spawns, right now the world seems sparse, goin into the wilds is just barren, the odd harvester but thats it. Also, only when full spawns are in will we know how taxing the emu is on the server.

Btw, one other thing that has been annoying me for a while is the traffic in the sky in cities, i remember tie fighters etc buzzing around and it added another dimension to things with such a small effect. I was wondering if anyone had found the packet for it yet.