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Hi Chuck,

From what I've read on the forums so far, you can use the same account for both you and your wife at the same time on different PC's, and there will be no problems. If your friend plays using a different internet connection, then there certainly will not be any problems.

Using three different accounts over the same internet connection will cause problems, and someone almost certainly will get banned.

As far as I'm aware, there are no unique 'codes' installed with the game - all details are verified when you log in and they are mapped to the Internet address of your outgoing internet connection. The server will see a problem when two or more log-in accounts originate from the same internet address.

As has been repeated on the last 18 pages here, do not send an email to the devs now, wait until an account as been banned, then email them explaining your situation and they may un-ban you. It takes days (possibly over a week) to get a reply due to them being so busy so I hear, but they will get back to you.