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Originally Posted by Dominion View Post
Is there any way some of us can help with the email correspondance? maybe sifting thorugh emails and sending back form letters for the most common questions and forewarding the interesting ones on?
Unfortunately, no. But I appreciate the kind offer.

Originally Posted by jat5560 View Post
I have a wireless router and 5 computers in my house that are connected to it. Three are directly plugged in and 2 are laptops that connect wireless. I also have 3 people in the house that play SWG and 3 who do not. If I'm in my bedroom playing and it gets late and my wife wants to sleep, are you saying that I cannot log off and switch to the computer in my office which may have been used to create my son's account?
No, we're asking you to provide us with the account names so that we can ensure they are exempted.

Originally Posted by Travis8908 View Post
We're talking about owning multiple accounts here and not using one account on multiple computers right? Ever since I found the Emu, I've played it on my desktop, but a couple of months ago I bought a laptop and wanted to play the Emu on that. I'm just making sure its cool to log on to my old account and play the Emu on my new computer.
You should be fine. If you experience a problem, simply email myself or Phantomleader and we'll address it.