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Originally Posted by Ekaika View Post
Again, we're paying attention. If someone feels the need to campaign multiple accounts to us and fabricate an elaborate plan hatched to manipulate us into allowing a second account, then so be it.
So what are you really saying...? It sounds like you are saying that those who lie and cheat will have an advantage over those who don't. If that is in fact the case, then why are you guys stressing yourselves out with the fact that you are policing this very thing even today on Nova? I think the only way to catch someone is if they are multiboxing (playing both accounts on the same computer at the same time) because any other way I would just say it was my wife playing and get the girl next door to send you an e-mail.

I don't want people to make multiple accounts because I want to know the true number of people interested in this project. See straight forward. I wish you guys would say something like that, because that makes sense.

Don't misunderstand my post as complaining, I'm just very concerned that the project is being stalled because you guys are wasting time on account polices. In fact, this post and the one by PL clearly shows that you guys are spending a lot of time on this.