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Originally Posted by Kvothe View Post
Hehe, I know I am new here, but wow..Some people do not use their brains.

Okay, I see a lot of questions saying "What's to stop people from lieing and creating multiple accounts"
Admins respond with "We're paying attention" (I am paraphrasing here)
So you people automatically assume that means jack squat and anyone can cheat the system.

But here I am to explain it. If a person says they need multiple accounts on their computer for each family member, cool. One person logs into one account at a time. Since let's say a Dad goes on to play, he's using the client. Then his son wants to go on. Dad gets off, son goes on. Still only one client running.

Liars' turn. Person who says they need multiple accounts for family, cool. When playing SWG said person has 2+ clients running Emu all at once...Now, gee does that sound like a Dad playing on one client and a son on the other at the same time? Nope, obviously a liar and will probably be banned as such.

Anyways, that is what I got from that.
I think you're assuming that there's only one PC in the house. In my house we have three computers networked on at the same time plus the capacity for more (both me and my brother, for instance, have a laptop each). Plus some people might play in offices or be part of some sort of residential gateway where the IP address will be the same for everyone playing and where you would expect more than one person logged on at the same time. Furthermore if there is a LAN party or a 'games night' of some sort then you can bet that there could be anywhere up to 100 people on at the same time... maybe more depending on the size of the event.
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