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Originally Posted by jat5560 View Post
How offensive "Jat's little war" I may be the most vocal but if you think I'm the only one who is interested in this topic, you are way off base. I assure you, there are MANY people who have multiple accounts at this very moment that you and the staff have no idea about. When SC goes live and the accounts are then associated with it, those guys will slip right under your radar. Good Luck - sincerely.
I am going to make this as clear as I possibly can (sorry Ek for feeding the trolls here)

1. You do not need more than 1 account. A person can log in 10102383 computers on the same account, and you can also run multiple instances on the same computer. There is no cap on the number of toons on an account. YOU DO NOT NEED MORE THAN 1 ACCOUNT. PERIOD.

2. Those who are running multiple accounts will be caught, one or both accounts will be banned for the violation.

3. Arguing this any further is pointless and a waste of time. 1 person, 1 account. This cannot be made any clearer.