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Originally Posted by PyrateLV View Post

1 thing though. This update stole my pants! Logged in and they were gone!

Also a question Ive been wondering. By "bluefrogs" do you mean the Gungan? Or are there bluefrogs like on SOE SWG:TC that I can get items from? If so where are they?
Blue Frogs are Gungans to the left and right of the Theed Star port, one is in the med center, and one near the imperial recruiter, there is also a Zabrak bartender in Theed cantina. On Tatooine in Anchorhead near the shuttle port there are two or three jawas they to are Blue Frogs and finally on Corellia in Coronet there is one Bartender Blue Frog in front of the Star Port, and one in cantina.

I hope this helps.