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3) Developers Perspective: (Round Table)

I have been overwhelmed trying to finish off some web projects and manage school so I can get some time to finish off my Medic/Doctor code changes. The changes are approximately 60% done at the moment, but won't be much longer once I get the time to knock them out. Now that we are focusing on managing the features we currently have, and optimizing them, I will be moving on to fixing some of those bugs and problems once the Medic/Doctor code is optimized rather than moving towards Combat Medic. It is still on my list of things to do, however, and I will return to it after we get the go ahead.
Having returned from my break I am back into the swing of the new combat code. I am busy trying to integrate Jedi combat more tightly into the normal combat code to make a more efficient and understandable system. Once the attacks are working correctly I will be reintroducing defences and states.

With the feature freeze, I've decided to put my work with Active and NoBuild Areas on hold for a bit. I've finished the transport system for shuttles and starports, but I do still need some people to collect data for me, so that we can populate all the starports. Talk to Kellina about what needs to be collected and in what format.

What I'm working on now is really exciting, and you should start seeing the first parts of it some time soon.

Let's just say that Sirius is about to get really busy.
4) Closing:

The quality assurance team, we hope, will further complement the testing arena and speed up the number of bugs fixed per day. The quality assurance team is NOT a replacement for the support site. We value the feedback we get from the support site and will continue to use it as a main source for bug reports.

Polishing code is a procedure we will be performing more often as we get closer to a production quality release. With the CSR's and Q/A team, the polishing process will become more and more integrated into handling of community bug reports. Please help us by getting involved in the community and testing operations - an hour of your time really does help the project. We hope to see more of you on IRC and the TC!

-Team SWGEmu
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