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Server Update April 1, 2010 - TC:NOVA

Corellian Corvette - TC:NOVA April 1, 2010


Today we are pleased to announce the addition of the Corellian Corvette on TC:Nova. Our developers have been working in secret; alongside progress on the OR to bring the player base this classic instance! In order to avoid excess development time on the TC code base (which we all know is a dead code base now), the development team only added one NPC to take you to the Corvette. Please note: this NPC is not located at the classic location. It can be found just outside of the Coronet Starport next to a Shuttle Transport.

To enter the Corellian Corvette:
  • Walk up to the NPC and choose to converse with it.

The reward for completing the Corvette will be an AV-21 Vehicle (rather than a schematic). Please take special care of your new ride!

Good luck to everyone on your adventures!

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