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Inspirational post

I would now like to offer an olive branch to anyone who I have ever had arguments with, Megatron, IG88, Draigoch, anyone else whos been annoyed at me for one reason or another, Im sorry

As David665 said, the devs on all teams have accomplished what the powers at SOE said would never be done and they laughed

/start Inspirational string music
/Deep south accent
Teams, men and woman, brothers and sisters, let us join forces, and together we can rule the galaxy, not as Father and Son (like Darth Vader would say) but as brothers! Brothers in Arms!! Its a War, a war against the greed, to free what is ours, to take back what was stolen! We can get there, with no more fighting, lets unify the cause, and we can defeat the REAL enemy together, we can stick it to the man! Hell, we can make history!! Not just MMO history, not just gaming history, but civil right history!! The first case of cival revolution in online gaming against the governing body who think they can say Jump and we Jump! The first time this has been done, the corporation took away the peoples game and the people wouldnt take it and they fought back! The corporation fat cats said it couldnt be done, they laughed at us!

Lets stand side by side, forget flaming, forget the petty oneupmanship, we can do this!! TOGETHER AS ONE! SWGEmuANH !! ONE DEV TEAM! ONE COMMUNITY!

/scottish accent
They tried to take our Pre-CU, but theyll never take our FREEEEEDOM!!

Thanks for reading, Im wired now

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