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Everyone ges their way this way...

those who want a wipe will get their wipe with the OR.

those who don't want the wipe won't be wiped until the OR lol.

I voted YES, but honestly decisions like this should require an overwhelming majority and bottom line, it's nice that they asked our opinion but talking about a wipe in the first place was probably a bad idea, like the OP said....

This way is the least potentially destructive to the community.

Like I said, I voted YES, and I believed a wipe would have been great, but I don't understand how people can get so upset when everyone is going to win in the might have to wait 3-12 months, but who cares? We've waited 4 years already, what's another few months? And in the meantime, you get to play pre-CU SWG.

Props to the Devs imho. I think, that although the thread was 1-starred repeatedly and this decision seems unpopular, it was undoubtedly the least damaging course of action, and sometimes the lesser of three evils is the necessary choice.
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