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I honestly voted for Yes and Frogs for 2 weeks. I cant afford many of the stuff going on... Millions for a weapon, that doesn't even happens in the live servers in SOE (vet weaponsmith there). Ppl asking for 30 millions for a weapon its way to much. Not considering other stuff. I have gathered a lot of resources, and im cool with the wipe to help out the economy.

Yet, it seems the mass creation of new accounts has proved that some people play with the wrong intentions.

Yes, without the Wipe, we are able to keep testing the game. With the mass unbalanced weapons out there, available just for less than 20 persons, in over a population of 1600, seems very unproductive. Also, those weapons like an example, kill the pvp, no matter what armor you are wearing, it will kill you no matter what.

If im not wrong, every single forum, has the option to check the IP address where accounts logged in from. I would ban those IP's, or deleting every single account related to that IP, that way, you are going to hurt those who were duping. In that case, they will lose even if they won the poll.
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