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Originally Posted by Ketzal View Post
The same people who duped holocrons, items, and credits are most likely the ones creating new accounts to vote no on the wipe and crying about their ill-gotten gains being taken away.

Yep. It'd be like holding a referendum: "Should people who threaten others at the ballot box be held accountable for their crimes? Y/N?". The outcome would very likely be illegitimate.

In most cases, closing a poll on the basis of people doubling accounts to vote is already absurd because the illegitimate votes are as likely to be "yes" as they are "no". But in this case it's especially heinous because the individuals who have a history of unfair play in this community would have something to gain by voting "no". To close the polls due to foul play and decide in favor of the minority who was more likely to be duping votes is senseless, unfair, and rewarding bad behavior.

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