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So let me get this straight, you market yourselves by saying you'll listen to the community, yet you go with the minority?

This leads to 6 questions

1. What are you going to do to the dupers/account sellers/buyers? (buyers should get the same treatment as sellers for being dumb enough to buy an account for a game in testing stages)

2. Will you now stop worrying about semi-irrelivent things like the jedi system (an actual one can always be set up in OR, ours was fine the way it was, and don't get me wrong, nothing against jedi, i was making one and still voted for yes) and begin to focus on some actual fixes?

3. Are you planning on doing anything for the people who deleted their characters already to help you with the wipe? (I myself am not one, but I believe I saw some posts from people talking about already doing it because "someone" had told them about the wipe before hand, and considering the fact the majority was for wipe there could be a decent number.)

4. If inflation is apparently so bad that you had to wipe and now its going to remain the same for a while, how do you expect to deal with it until OR? (First because now it will continue, second because now so many more people know its possible to dupe credits and items it will most likely happen alot more)

5. Are you guys gonna pull this again anytime before OR over the same stupid stuff, or will the next one come with an actual fix? (I know you probably can't answer this, but still what the hell man?)

6. How many people created accounts since the poll was started? Because its my opinion that anyone who was not playing prior to the wipe announcement should not have been able to vote.

This whole thing pisses me off.