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Originally Posted by tonkatuff View Post

Look, the bottom line is simple. You do NOT pay for this game in a test state. You wont be required to pay at anytime ever. If you donate, thats YOUR choice and by no means does it give you the right to voice your opinion. I know a developer personally and he does this for free. It takes up all his time from work to sleep. These developers are doing this for me, and you, and everyone else that loved the original game. If they choose to wipe it to make it more fun for people or they chose not to, thats there choice. In no way do they have to do anything for you or me. You ****ers should be greatful that they are doing what they are doing at all.
This, exactly. People should learn respect and grow in maturity. Most of them act like if they were on the official SOE forums, with customers rights and all. Remember, you are ALLOWED to play there on Nova, for free. We shouldn't even have the right to express our own opinion on big decisions such as a Wipe, this isn't our concern, nor our decision. Let the devs plan the development and server management the way they want to, it's their toy, not ours. Unhappy? whine whine where are my shinies booooh? Move along.. seriously.

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