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I've collected 2 very good points of knowledge from reading comments. First, we ARE lucky to have swgemu, what if we didn't? Obviously we wouldn't be here arguing, but we're arguing cause swgemu is the bomb. think you can make a better pre-cu? Go ahead.

Secondly, yes, we are sort of being pushed around in a bi-polar manner, but i don't blame them. Everyday i try to please everyone, and everyday, at the end of everyday, someone is mad at me. Though i think swgemu has a little bit more than one person mad. But the point is i think we should all just chillax, let the developers figure things out for a day or two, (hopefully only a day or two) and see what they do. I personally think a wipe with frogs would be nice, and I'd consider quitting if they didn't have frogs, but the second i heard about "duping" i was thinking, "wipe this mofo".

So, to admin: I disagree with how you've delt with this, but thank you for making swgemu.
People: Time is what we need. Yes, Benny Benassi right there.

I have been studying the presidents lately, and i always give credits to ones that didn't make the economy any worse. Really, from what i can tell, the producers haven't done harm other than pissing us off.

Again to admin: I think we should get this over with. Wipe it and blue frog us! But, i respect whatever decision you make.

I hope this does something, cause I spent some time on it.