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Originally Posted by cRush View Post
Anyone else notice that those screenshots that are supposedly evidence of a moderator "fixing" the polls actually show more votes being removed from no columns than yes columns? I don't have moderator access to the forums, so can't really see what options are available there, but the difference between the two screenshots is very minimal lol. We are talking about 2-3 votes being removed. Hardly evidence to call things a conspiracy.

As for us ignoring the community - The complete opposite is going on here. Yeah the majority said they would like a wipe, but the majority said they wanted a wipe with blue frogs.

There was a lot more behind the decision - it's not that the whining minority won out. We started thinking about the real effects the blue frogs would have, and realized offering them as a condition of the poll was a mistake.
- Players would have exploited the frogs to become Jedi faster, and it would have taken away some interdependence since everyone could become self sufficient.
- Changing the frogs to guard against these exploits meant changing the terms of condition.
- A third poll was discussed and decided against.
- We felt that if we just left TC the way it was, then it would be the best thing for both parties.

Instead we get crucified and compared to SOE. Come on people.

OR at the current rate is approximately 5 months out. But as always, Developers lives and available time can fluctuate at any given moment, changing the amount of time we have to contribute. Obviously this can drastically affect any ETA. So, yeah, if things stayed the way they had been rolling, I would say 5 months is realistic. I doubt the motivation will be there with all the lynching, but we will see.

P.S. Enjoy the new loot tables.

Thats all fine and good, but why were the frogs even offered in the poll then? Just my opinion, but that sounds more like a convient excuse. If the frogs were not offered and the wipe without frogs was still in the lead, would the wipe have happened? From what I have read from you guys excluding the possible issues with the frogs, I am guessing no.