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Originally Posted by kailos View Post
From what I can see you flame more peoples posts than add anything constructive.

Having your own opinion about the TOPIC is fine, and you should voice it.

But flaming individuals opinions and personal attacks because someone has a different opinion, are a waste of forum space, your not the only one but your one of them.
If you refer back to previous posts, I provided information that even though there were no wipe, it would still offer some "new" content, ie different loot table, as previously stated by a developer, cRush.

The forums fly by fast, its understandable, I was merely integrating that message to the inflamed user.

As for flames, whoever jumped on me about it not being NEW but "different" is the person flaming needlessly.

A group of people sitting around shouting for no reason doesn't make sense, if you have information and it is possible to diverge their perspective, why not aid them?
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