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Originally Posted by Ekowraith View Post
What you're doing is listing "no" points in defense of the decision to ignore the community. Your points have a place: in the dialog and debate that led up to the poll and it's outcome. Despite these hypothetical consequences, an overwhelming majority of voters still favored a wipe.

It would be like if, following the 2008 elections, the Bush administration announced,
"Hey guys. We appreciate all the debate and discussion surrounding this whole election, but ultimately, we decided that a Democrat administration wouldn't be able to properly run the country. After much internal discussion, we have decided to retain control of the executive branch.
-A liberal executive would be likely to drive up the national deficit with immense federal spending.
-A democrat executive would increase the tax burden.
-A democrat president would reduce incentives to work through socializing programs."

Dispute the analogy all you want, but the ultimate point is this: such points were already a part of the debate that led up to the poll/election's turnouts. If these criticisms of a server wipe are true, let the people who voted for it sit with the consequences. Simply restating the minority position and ignoring the majority is senseless.
Except this isn't a democracy and never was. The devs ultimately are the final word decision-wise when it comes to TC. Want to make the decisions yourself, you need your own server. Your analogy = epic fail.