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Originally Posted by SetsunaNexus View Post
I don't mean to sound negative, but i have been watching this website and the up-status closely and as soon as the server went up there were 500 peoples on it already within the minute. and we couldnt get in...

Now I'm wondering... I guess we'll never be able to get in like this.

It's good to see such a service exists, but your community exceeds your quota of MAX players by far.

I was specifically asked to check out this game, but for the last days i haven't exactly been able to get in. So I am wondering what to tell my teammates for there is a whole bunch of dutch gamers and game testers wanting to test this PRE CU and support this community.

"Goodluck with the server, and GODSPEED."
As this isn't a live play server, our primary focus is not on making the test environment max user capable. Our primary focus is a clean stable code-base. We certainly want everyone that would like to experience our project to have an opportunity, but we're not in a live game situation yet.

For those groups waiting to play a live game, post 1.0 release will see many servers pop up around the world. There will then be a place for everyone to play.