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Originally Posted by SetsunaNexus View Post
I don't mean to sound negative, but i have been watching this website and the up-status closely and as soon as the server went up there were 500 peoples on it already within the minute. and we couldnt get in...

Now I'm wondering... I guess we'll never be able to get in like this.

It's good to see such a service exists, but your community exceeds your quota of MAX players by far.

I was specifically asked to check out this game, but for the last days i haven't exactly been able to get in. So I am wondering what to tell my teammates for there is a whole bunch of dutch gamers and game testers wanting to test this PRE CU and support this community.

"Goodluck with the server, and GODSPEED."
When I saw "So I am wondering what to tell my teammates.." I wanted to seriously find you, and somehow try to shove the knowledge that this is a "TEST SERVER" into your head. Instead of complaining about how you and your friends can't get in, find a way to throw a couple bucks to the servers so they can be upgraded to raise the server cap. If you want to "support this community", you aren't doing it by whining.

No, I am not one of those people who managed to get in, I haven't logged in for the last couple days, same as the rest of you.

Of course there's going to be many more people interested in SWGEmu than the number of people that can fit onto the server without it crashing. Especially after a huge update which got even more people wanting to play.

If you can donate through Paypal, do it. I wish there was a way you could donate besides Paypal, since I dislike their service fees, but oh well. If I could write a check/send cash, I would.