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Originally Posted by odwill View Post

Greetings SWGEmu community! We are pleased to announce that our new donation meter is now operational. In the past, the meter would not properly reflect the accurate amount of donations because it calculated all donations as US Dollars. As such, it appeared we were far surpassing our monthly donation goals which was not always the case. The new meter accurately depicts actual donations.

So where do these donations go?

Currently we have $722.90 USD in our SWGEmu expense account, of which we have paid $300.00 of our $500.00 monthly expenses. Any extra money left over after the bills are paid is then put towards upgrading our equipment, software and/or services to provide you all with the best experience possible.

Example: In the last 6 months we have upgraded to a 100Mbit dedicated connection and upgraded to a SSD hard drive on the TC:Nova server.
Upgrades like this are only possible because of having some money left over each month. So a huge Thank You!! to our community members that continue to support the project. We will continue to upgrade our services whenever possible if we have a surplus of funds.
And this is why I keep donating even after it reaches the 100% mark

Originally Posted by Bulbous View Post
Can Internet Explorer users please test the donate button and confirm that it works or does not work?

Like the other forum controls, (i.e. Edit), the donate button does not work for me.
The donate button works fine in IE. I've used it in both IE and Firefox.

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