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Originally Posted by Kainzo View Post
I wish there were more updates to the community about the status of Suncrusher / OR, though I know its not feasible and sometimes those updates could actually go toward fixing the issues instead of saying you're going to be fixing the issues, etc.

Though a monthly update would be nice about what's going down on the OR or what bugs/fixes have gone in. Something just to keep those in the dark able to see a tiny light from the end of the tunnel.
^^^Agree with that.
We're way past 3 months since the last bi-weekly update.
I mean even the official FAQ says that Suncrusher is expected to be up in the first quarter of 2009.

I think a lot more people (at least ME) would be more comfortable donating more if we knew it was going for more than keeping the server alive one more month on a project that has been abandoned.