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Originally Posted by OlisJ View Post
You will not be able to get a buff for 5-10k and master any combat profession in short times, will not be able to buy decent armor or weapon to start with, you won't find anything worth spending your credits at all right after the wipe. All you will have is CDEF gear and empty server to play with.
Interestingly enough, the above effects are precisely why I would enjoy a server wipe. There is such a thing as having it too easy, you know.

To my mind, with the OR as far off as it seemingly is, now would be a perfect time to wipe and see how the economy and jedi population develops. Theory and calculations are all very nice, but if you really want to see if your duping fixes work or jedi are being unlocked at the expected rate after revising, this is the way to do it.

Sure I'd prefer to have CH or architect coincide with the wipe, but if it's not ready it's not ready. A wipe just a few months before OR would suck hard, but half a year sounds just fine to me.