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Originally Posted by Lamune View Post

I already explained this to you. The database did not properly record the last vote before the poll was closed and that brief site hiccup that soon followed. The -1's between screenshots can be attributed easily to nothing other than faults inherent in any database access over web interface.

While the sudden 20 votes is a bit more unusual, but hardly conspiratorial. "Hey, have you voted yet?" could have come up in a guild chat leading a bunch of people over at once.

But even assuming it is a government plot, your dice-roll comparison is still just stupid. Statistics like that require each option to have equal weight. These did not.

For example:
You have two choices- A.) A puppy. B.) A kick in the nuts.

These choices will not result in the same coin-flip probabilities you're trying to compare it to.
Lamune, it's a breath of fresh air to actually read a post that isn't doused in 1) off topic / 3rd grade pictures 2) moronic flames or 3) a combination of the above two.

I applaud you sir. Thank you.
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