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Well, it's certainly good to see the dialogue opening up between the various emulator camps. I heartily agree: Pooled knowledge and expertise from all concerned will definitely be stronger than knowledge and expertise used separately. Bumps and hiccups can be expected in the process of coming together, but if we all thought alike, how could we expect to improve? Keeps life from getting dull, methinks.

It's all an iron-sharpening-iron process, and it will work out -- if we want it to.

(pause for huzzahs. /grin.... )

Anyway, if y'all want to see something to fire your creative juices in this unifying effort, you might want to take a look around the Creature Handler Profession forum. We've been working to compile as many pre-CU stats on tameable creatures as we can. Tolbat's been working on a Creature Scrapbook, we've been linking to the Internet Archive Project's Way-Back Machine to pull up pre-CU versions of creature listings from, and Hiddukel's been compiling it all into a cool spreadsheet. It's all there for anyone to take a look -- ANH, SWGPreCU, whomever.

In addition to the Scrapbook and the spreadsheet, we have threads linking directly to pre-cu listings for:
Tatooine Tameable Creatures
Naboo Tameable Creatures
Rori Tameable Creatures
Endor Tameable Creatures
Dathomir Tameable Creatures
(Still to come: Lok, Corellia, Yavin-IV, Dantooine, and Talus.)

One item of particular relevance for us in the CH Forum is info on which lair types were used by which creatures in wild spawns... you may notice we're rather thin on that item, especially on less-traveled planets such as Rori.

I'm looking forward to working with all the gang from ALL emulator projects, in whatever capacity.

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