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Originally Posted by Lonnon View Post
Thank you for that clarification if the First page can be edited to say "2 instances" instead of "Multiple instances" that would be awesome. I think that would Just Be more specific So no one breaks the rules.
When this thread was created multiple instances were allowed, but after the last patch and growing interest in TC, server cap had to be implemented and multiple instances were restricted to only two. It would be a great idea to edit the OP, but only a moderator or the person that created this thread can do it, so its all up to them really.

Originally Posted by Lonnon View Post
I was allowing my daughter to just putz around i one of my toons but since you are only allowed to dual box i will need to get her account. Correct me if i am wrong. Please
Sure, if you want your daughter to play along with you another account would be the way to go. There are two ways to do it. Create her an account and if it gets banned send an email to, explain your situation and ask them to unban her account. Or send an email to the same email address first and inform them that you will be needing a second account for your daughter and wait for them to instruct you on what you should do next.
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