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Originally Posted by PhantomLeader View Post
How many times do I need to create these sorts of threads?


We have been getting very aggressive in enforcing this; if you find you were banned, don't create new accounts.
Also note: using other people's computers will also trip the detector. I don't know how many times I've got to say this... but BEFORE CREATING NEW ACCOUNTS OR USING OTHER ACCOUNT-HOLDER'S COMPUTERS, EMAIL

Just for reference, we get several hundred duplicate users per week. PLEASE. Stop making our lives more difficult than they already are.

Is it alright to use my account on 2 different computers then ? My situation is that I have a desktop and a notebook PC. Can I use both or should I not do that?

Also my other situation is my girlfriend has 2 computers as well and we are on the same network will that affect this dectection system as well?