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I feel like an a$$ for making a comparison of this project to SOE, I really do. I appreciate what has been done on development, and with efforts made to strengthen the community. I know I've made mistakes before, big mistakes, and I probably will again (though I hope not big ones).

I can't say I forgive the staff responsible for what took place the past few days, but I can understand what it means to make mistakes. I can look past the mistakes if they aren't very severe and come at a low frequency.

People seem to complain about politicians who 'do nothing', but the thing about doing nothing is, you don't screw something up worse than it is. Planning and foresight are needed when taking action (such as a vote or writing policy); if something major gets overlooked, then someone might as well have dropped a bowling ball through a faulty glass bottom boat, because that just might sink in the right conditions... no matter the precautions taken to keep it afloat.

I'm still angry about what happened. I'm not angry about the dupes, cheats, script kiddies, etc... I'm not angry about the development here (programmers here are top notch). I'm not even angry that things were promised and not delivered (basically being lied to). I'm angry at my reaction, and I'm angry I didn't do more to help in the process instead of degrading the process. The entire process failed due to this... a shared blame by 90% of us who contributed opinions.

I posted about how weak the poll was implemented (regards to legitimacy of voters) and how it could be salvaged by implementing forum tools to keep it from degrading. I reported posts that were spreading false information (where no action was taken to clear up bad information). But I did these things in a sea of arguments and in a manner and tone that were bound to be ignored. I am at fault, and I'm angry about that fact alone.

I apologize for my misdirected anger and condescending demeanor during this ordeal. I don't ask to be forgiven, but I hope it can be understood, as I can understand the other side as well.

I hope in the future that we can all learn from what took place and not repeat the same mistakes.