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2.13 Spam, defined as the re-posting of content repeatedly. Spam includes QFE's without explanation, +1's, Bumps, blatantly off topic posts and "In Before Lock"s.
No way these are the corner stones to a healthy forum.

2.16 Promote, Advise the use of or use yourself the Digital Download
This ones a bit harsh? An instant ban for advising to use the digital client... its a commen mistake to think that its ok.

Also all the expiry dates are out of wack, half a year for reposting something? I lol'd.

Impersonate another person (including celebrities)
lol what is this?

2.14 Advertise or attempt to sell products for profit. Only products authorised by SWGEmu may be advertised for sale. 1 point, expires in 3 months
Why does this have a longer expiry time than harassment or reposting deleted messages?