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I guess people forget this isn't a democracy. It is a public forum and project headed by a volunteer group (STAFF/Devs).

The polls, from what I understand, were to gather opinions. In the first poll, they (STAFF/Devs) clearly realized they hadn't provided enough information and decided to give us a second chance.

The second poll was far more detailed, unfortunately trolls, children, and multiple account spammers ruined it for the rest of us (as detailed in the OP). The community, as mentioned earlier, really showed its colors.

They haven't spelled doom out to us. They have just chosen to wait a couple more months for a wipe, which was the plan the entire time anyways. I hate to sound like a fanboy, but seriously, some of you are just being silly.

And to top it all off, I don't even remember them promising a wipe if the majority voted yes. I seem to recall it was more of a "we will only wipe if the majority is 66% or higher to do it." I don't remember, "we will, most certainly, wipe the server if the majority to do so is 66% or higher."

And by the way, this is nothing compared to SOE's disasters. Think back. Those of you who decided to keep playing through the CU might just remember a certain poll for the NGE. See how well that went? lol