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Talking EMURadio!

Hello from EMURadio!

Some of you may not know that Phantomleader began the Emuradio project more than 2 years ago. We've had some changes over time, with various hosts and DJ's, but recently we've found our footing, and are looking to expand!

Listen Link! ---> (Be advised, the stream in NOT up 24/7, no need to freak out if there's no music at times)

At this time, we're looking for a few people that are interested in DJ'ing with us via our hosting service. We encourage diversity in musical taste, as well as varied time zones. We hope to present a wide-ranging and multicultural experience that allows each DJ to share his passion and art with the community!

A solid Internet connection, as well as high bitrate tracks (ie 128 and up) are required.

If you have a collection you think you'd like to share, and an interest in a consistent commitment to DJ'ing Emuradio, please PM Ekaika, friendofganja or Jer! You can also /join #emuradio on our IRC, or check out the EMURadio Website.

Look forward to listening to you.


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