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I noticed that my first deed I opened was losing health every few feet. I put it away and accidentally opened a new one the next day. The second one acted normal in that respect.

The first one my wife opened started decaying as soon as she took off as well. I traded my second one to her and decay was normal. I opened another deed for myself and it worked normal.

Last night, I started to trade the only one in my data pad to my wife's alt and opened another deed before completing the trade. Upon completing the trade, I took off on the new one and it started the insta-decay routine as well. So I opened yet another deed, and it worked fine. Although I came back to MO after missions and stopped in front of the mission terminal sitting on the bike. Then it started dropping hit points until it was stored. My wife did not have the same problem. I opened it after running outside of MO and decay was normal again. So I stored it while still moving when I returned from missions. There was no decay while parked out and about on the planet.

I am going to keep a dead speeder on each toon to see if it is just the first one in the datapad that is having serious decay problems. I will also be trading ones that start decaying rapidly to see if the bug is dropped in the transfer. When I traded my original speeder to my wife with a dead one in her datapad it worked without incidence for her.
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